How to Leave a Group on LinkedIn

You’ve joined several groups on LinkedIn and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the email you’re getting from LinkedIn Groups, in addition to your already overflowing inbox.

Have you ever wondered how to leave a group?  It’s not totally intuitive right off the bat, so here’s a quick step by step guide:

  1. When logged into LinkedIn, choose Groups and then Your Groups from the options under Groups.
  2. Select the group you wish to remove yourself from
  3. Look for the More… tab at the top of the Groups page
  4. Click on More… and choose My Settings
  5. At the bottom right hand side of this page is a “Leave Group” button
  6. Click on that button to unsubscribe from the group.  Note that this will immediately remove you from the group.  You may of course join back again right away, but remember that you also may need to be accepted by the group administrator again if there is moderation on the group.

Also note that on the My Settings page you may adjust all the settings for how much email you receive from the group and how often you receive a digest

What are your favorite groups?  Would you care to share what you’ve learned and/or experienced by being part of a LinkedIn Group?


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