Just for fun

Today is July 15th, 2009.  What’s the significance of that day?  According to Wolfram Alpha not much, but it is the 196th day of the year in the 29th week.  Is is trivia, possibly, and trivia is either interesting or meaningless, but there are some benefits to knowing about Wolfram.  It’s mostly for mathematics and numbers geeks, but it can calculate things very quickly and offers a bunch of related information based on any search.  Also there are numerous demonstrations and charts for all kinds of business functions.

A few things to try:

  • enter any date (e.g. a birth date) june 23, 1988
  • enter any town (e.g. a home town) new york
  • enter any two stocks IBM Apple
  • enter any calculation $250 + 15%
  • enter any math formula x^2 sin(x)

It’s a fun tool to play with and worth remembering when you’re looking for data and charts based on specific calculations. It doesn’t know everything though.  For example Wolfram doesn’t know that Susby.com was officially launched today.

Clean Car, Drive Better

Someone once told me that washing their car made them drive better and I think it is true. When my car is clean I drive more carefully. It may be because I have a little more pride in the shiny paint, or perhaps it’s that the windows are also easier to see through, but somehow everything just feels a little easier less harried and driving is more of a pleasure.

I washed my car today and had an interesting thought: If a clean car makes me drive better, what would a clean office do? I know a feel a lot better about my desktop when it is not cluttered with screenshots, downloaded files and sticky notes.

The moral of the story: If clean and organized makes you feel better, clean and organize. Drive well, be organized, stress less.