Purpose, Your Second Marketing Friend

Purpose is the second P in Social Media Marketing

Whether the purpose is connecting with friends and family or sharing recommendations, social networks provide the means and people are embracing the privileges that come with having a voice and being heard.

What is your Purpose?

When you are posting status updates, each one should have a purpose. That’s why we don’t post what we had for lunch, unless it has meaning in the big picture of our business. For example, if you were a food critic, nutritionist or personal trainer, you might post what you had for lunch as part of your offering to your customers, but most other posts about what you ate are just gratuitous.

Marketing with purpose means value is (price, i.e. value for money) provided. It’s also the solution to a problem (or the product, which solves the problem). Purpose is personal, unique, relevant, practical, objective, sensitive and engaging.

Why does your business exist? What is the purpose of your product? What purpose does your offering have to your customer? What is the purpose of this communication? By understanding these answers completely, you’ll know exactly how to provide value to your customer.

Often your purpose will be similar to your strategic vision or core business idea. It dictate all actions and tactics that the company takes. Take Red Bull for example, their tagline (aka strategic vision/core business idea) is “…Gives You Wings.” The purpose is then to make people feel like they have wings when they consume the product, but also throughout all marketing and branding.

RedBull's Purpose is to give you wings

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