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Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon

Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon

4o years ago today, the first humans landed on the moon.  It was a major milestone with Neil Armstrong’s moon walk to follow the next day.  What seemed impossible had been accomplished and many people worldwide watched in awe as the news unfolded on the black and white television, across  radio waves and in the newspaper.

Today, most people first hear of important news via their social network.  Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or just a friend telling you, who probably received it in “Twitter-time,” the news has shifted from something that is not just reported by big corporations, but also distributed by word-of-mouth over short messaging systems and wifi.

We’ve come a long way in 40 years especially when it comes to marketing and relationships.  40 years ago marketing used to require messaging and money was crucial to building a strong campaign and there was very little opportunity for the small Mom and Pop shop to compete.  Today, marketing requires relationships, connections, conversations and participation.  Even the little guy can succeed if he is smart and driven enough.  It still takes time though and that’s where the skills come in.  Do your research and you’re likely to find a lot of people sharing a wealth of knowledge.  For example, this article by Mari Smith that Michaela Hayes shared with me is a very good strategy for social media.

We are now well into the share economy where sharing and connecting over common interests is the name of the game.
I enjoyed this Nora Jones song I found during an Apollo 11 search on Twitter.  Sometimes reflection on our progress is a great way to continue moving forward.


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