Social Media Monitoring

In Tom Forenski’s “No Social Media Monitoring By Apple Or Wells Fargo Yet Still Successful” post today he argues that it may be best to ignore criticism instead of monitoring comments about your brand on the social media networks.

Forenski says “Whenever there is criticism of Apple in the mediasphere I rarely see an Apple response. By mediasphere I mean the entire media landscape from traditional media through to social media, Twitter, etc,” implying that since Apple is a very successful company, perhaps other companies should mimic Apple’s behavior and stop monitoring, thus negating the need for social media marketing consultants such as myself and/or companies employing community managers.

I wonder if this isn’t the same as the “tree falls down in the woods and no-one was there to hear it” scenario. Did the tree make a sound? Using that as the analogy, was your complaint heard?

The benefit companies are receiving by listening and responding is in the brand equity that is earned a result of good customer service. Apple may be succeeding without social media, and maybe it’s only those companies that are struggling that really need to dive deep into it, but I think you’re right in saying that since Apple has done such a good job building it’s community of followers already. Apple knows that the community will respond where necessary. Perhaps Apple doesn’t need to participate in social media spaces as much as other companies, because their fan base is already doing it for them.

Create a good product and your customers will market it for you, right? What then is the critical mass where you can then turn off the volume on negative feedback and/or complaints? It seems you may need to be as successful as Apple to be able to do that.

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