Clean Car, Drive Better

Someone once told me that washing their car made them drive better and I think it is true. When my car is clean I drive more carefully. It may be because I have a little more pride in the shiny paint, or perhaps it’s that the windows are also easier to see through, but somehow everything just feels a little easier less harried and driving is more of a pleasure.

I washed my car today and had an interesting thought: If a clean car makes me drive better, what would a clean office do? I know a feel a lot better about my desktop when it is not cluttered with screenshots, downloaded files and sticky notes.

The moral of the story: If clean and organized makes you feel better, clean and organize. Drive well, be organized, stress less.


How To Get Attention

  1. Do something different, be unique.
  2. Be funny, entertain me.
  3. Shock with your talent, your _____, your downright boldness, baby!
  4. Be real, be you and really show me who you are, because until you do, you’re just like everyone else and I’m tuning out.

When I first saw a funny flight safety announcement I was in awe at the creativity and courage it took the flight attendant to put on such a show, all in the name of flight safety, but guess what, people listened.  People heard the message instead of ignoring it as usual and people took off on that plane with a good understanding of how to be safe.

Check out this example and tell me you wouldn’t listen. The fact that it is a Southwest employee is interesting and that is something for another blog post (think case study) coming soon.


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